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Treasures of Kalocsa - book on Kalocsa embroidery

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This magnificent book on Hungarian folk art embroidery of Kalocsa was just published in Hungary, and it is now available from Folkology. The book is bilingual, the full text is in Hungarian and English language, side by side. It is a rare, almost encyclopedic work on the unique embroidery heritage of the town of Kalocsa in eastern Hungary. In addition to meticulously exploring the history, characteristics, applications and introducing the craftswomen of Kalocsa embroidery, it offers a hands-on training course on both hand and machine embroidery in the Kalocsa style.

This book was written for those who are curious about the birthplace of Kalocsa’s folk art, the artists who live there, and their treasury of patterns. It is for readers interested in its history, development, and technique of embroidery, richelieu, and painting. If the reader happens to take interest in a particular design, instructions for hand or machine embroidery are provided for tablecloths and runners.

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Author and photographer: Kati Fejér. Hardcover with dust jacket, 248 pages. Published in 2006 in Budapest, Hungary. Bilingual: full text is in Hungarian and English side by side.

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