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The Matyó Roses - viewbook about Matyo folk art culture

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Matyo embroideries and folk culture are perhaps of the most ornate among the many unique regional folk art styles of Hungary. This exquisitly photographed viewbook presents an overview of the colorful and varied decorative style preserved in the Matyo region, Mezőkövesd and its neighboring villages in Eastern Hungary. Numerous hand-embroidered textiles, folk costumes, traditional houses, and matyo festivities are pictured.

From the back cover:
“The matyó people are one of the ethnographical groups that emerged relatively late. It was only in the 18th-19th centuries that the folk culture of Mezőkövesd and the villages of Tard and Szentistván traditionally regarded as belonging to it became distinct from their environment, largely due to their roman Catholic population. Their decorative art acquired its distinctive forms in this peroid, differing even from each other in their details. The authors introduce us to this unique world, through lovingly preserved objects and by showing the present forms of creative activity and the preservation of traditions. They guide the reader into the world of the matyó roses.”

Published in 2006 in Budapest, Hungary. All text in English language.
132 pages, hardcover with dust jacket. New book.

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