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Matyo Hungarian folk embroidery book and pattern sheets

for $ 45.00 USD each

This book on the Hungarian Matyo style of hand embroidery was published by the Matyo Folk Art Association in Hungary in 2003. It is now close to being out of print, and currently there is no plan for a reprint.

The matyo are a regional ethnic group living in and around the town of Mezokovesd, in Eastern Hungary. Their unique style of embroidery decorating their costumes and household items is world renowned.

The book set has two parts: a hardcover book and a folder with 11 large sheets of embroidery patterns.
The book is written in Hungarian, but it is absolutely enjoyable and usable even if you don’t read the language. It contains many color photos of Matyo embroideries, 16 pages of traceable motif drawings to construct patterns from, 20 pages of explanations of the stitches used in Matyo embroidery. The different techniques are illustrated with several pictures of the various phases of completing a stitch.

The folder contains 11 large sheets of patterns with 26 beautiful designs to copy and embroider. These patterns are all adapted from antique embroidered folk art clothing and home linens. (Most of them illustrated with a color photo in the book.)

Hardcover, 104 pages + 11 pattern sheets.