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Magyar Kártya - Hungarian playing cards

(Paper goods - playing cards)
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A lovely deck of Hungarian playing cards, called “Magyar kártya”, this deck is very popular in Hungary, a staple of coffee house tables. The cards have very ornate beautiful figures and patterns, see scans for samples of the four suites: tök (squash), makk (acorns), zöld (green – leaves), piros (red – hearts). 32 cards in a paper box.

This playing card deck was designed and first produced by József Schneider, a playing cards manufacturer in the 1830’s in Budapest. The deck is also called Tell-cards, because the figurative cards feature figures from Schiller’s drama “Wilhelm Tell”, and the swiss folk tale about Tell.

The deck is sealed, and packaged in a box. Made in Hungary. High quality, “luxury” finish.

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