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Flowers and Leaves - Matyo embroidery prestamped doily

(Prestamped embroidery)
for $ 6.50 USD each

Matyo stylised flowers and leaves adorn this small circular doily to embroider. The doily is prestamped on black fabric, to be embroidered with regular cotton embroidery floss in your choice of colors. Make it as colorful as you want: embroider in a single color for elegance, or use bright reds, pinks, blue for a more cheerful result.

Matyo embroidery uses basic stitches such as the stem stitch and satin stitch, and is traditionally done in bright color palettes, either monochrome (red or white), a few different colors (usually red with blue), or bright multicolor palettes of red, blue, yellow, pink, purple and green.

Finished size: 17×17 centimeters circle (6.7×6.7 inches)

Please note: the fabric is regular black, the photo is faint because of the flash needed to show the stamped pattern.