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Early Kalocsa Embroideries - vintage pattern book

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One of our favourite Hungarian embroidery books, “Early Kalocsa Embroideries” has very smooth, stylish designs. It contains hundreds of colourful and black-and-white embroidery patterns from the early period of Kalocsa embroidery traditions.

The period covered is the 19th century< and beginning of the 20th century. The motifs and designs are simple, but elegant, and the colors are bold, but balanced and subtle at the same time. You can see this on the sample pictures to the left.

Note, that early, 19th century Kalocsa embroidery wasn’t as colourful as it became in the 20th century, and these patterns reflect that. Most of the patterns contain only 1, 2 or 3 of the colours blue, red and black, some are all-black. This gives them a very distinct style and elegance.

The book has a short introduction to the Kalocsa embroidery traditions written in Hungarian, 39 individual motifs with indication of stitches, 14 images of using the patterns on clothes and decoration items (pillows, tablecloth), and 78 plates of patterns and motifs, some of them spread out on 3 pages (fold-out pages, see picture #2), about half of them are in colour, half in black and white.