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  • Magyar Kártya - Hungarian playing cards

    A lovely deck of Hungarian playing cards, called “Magyar kártya”, this deck is very popular in Hungary, a staple of coffee house tables. The cards have very ornate beautiful figures and patterns, see scans for...

    On Sale! $ 8.00 $ 7.00 - $ 34.00

  • Hungarian Kings playing cards

    A double deck of playing cards from Hungary, illustrated with the most important kings and figures in the history of Hungary, and places of historical interest around the country. The back of the cards is...

    $ 14.00 (Special order)

  • Ludvig Tarot

    This amazing deck of Tarot cards was designed by Hungarian artist Zsuzsa Ludvig. The deck has 78 cards, all with beautiful images and designs. It was designed in 1996 for the annual convention of the...

    $ 29.00 (Special order)