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  • The Matyó Roses - viewbook about Matyo folk art culture New!

    Matyo embroideries and folk culture are perhaps of the most ornate among the many unique regional folk art styles of Hungary. This exquisitly photographed viewbook presents an overview of the colorful and varied decorative style...

    On Sale! $ 45.00 $ 39.00 (Special order)

  • Matyo trim - jaquard ribbon

    SOLD OUT This ornate jaquard trim features the floral design of “Matyo” folk art. The Matyo live in the Eastern part of Hungary and are renowned for their unique decorative folk art styles, Matyo embroidery...

    $ 3.00 (Special order)

  • Carnations Doily

    This design’s beautifully arranged carnations would perfectly embellish a tablecloth’s center or completely fill up a doily. Alternatively, you could use one section of this design as a decoration for smaller linens, blanket/throw corners or...

    $ 10.00

  • Eight petals - Blue-dye fabric New!

    Our lovely 100% cotton blue-dye fabrics are made by a folk artist in Hungary, according to traditional resist-dyeing methods used for centuries in Hungarian villages. Traditional motifs are printed on white cotton fabric using waxed...

    $ 4.75 - $ 19.00 (Special order)